Constant Paranoia?

Dan: How do you guys actually back up? What are your archives physically right now, of your own work and online lives?

José: I currently only have some things backed up on a hard drive and a Google Drive account. I have finished physical copies of most of those things, though that's mostly because the majority of my work was intended to exist physically. And when it's not, I try to print it out becuase I do want my work to be accessible to others when I'm gone. I mean, hypothetically, if I were to dissappear no one would be able to get into my hard drive and Google Drive–so why put all of it there?. Plus, it's hard to find an affordable, secure way to back up all my files. In all seriousness though, I know I'm not doing enough to properly back up my work but I haven't found an option that works for me. And if I'm being frank, there's a part of me that really doesn't care if my work gets lost. I know that's probably stupid and should care a little more but I don't think everyhting I make is worth saving and backing up 20,000 times. As for my "online life," I don't really care what happens to that part of me. I do think it's a part of me in the same way that I think that my work and tools I use to make that work are. However, I don't care enough about my online self to back that data up. And if I did, there wouldn't be a whole lot to back up. I'd probably be better off entering links to videos, images, and texts that I feel were instrumental in shaping my way of being into something like the Internet Archive.