Barely Functional Commmunity Garden

Simone Cutri: In the same way that Laurel was talking about the idea of gardens and community, I still feel within the website, that there are separated gardens: a garden of graphic design, a garden of sculpture, etc. And today in this conversation, we’re mostly from graphic design. I wonder if the website can talk about communities…

José: I think it definitely can talk about communities. Just by going on the website you can learn what concentrations within the art school more actively use the website. For example, visiting the Undergraduate tab quickly shows that undergrads can't make changes to the site but no one else really cares about the page enough to edit it. Because deciding not to change a certain page or a certain style says just as much about a group as changing it does. I do however wish that we as undergrads could change the site. I think it create interesting dialogues as a good number of undergrads come back for graduate school and/or as professors.